Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kent Snyder's Memorial Service Video Tribute

Bill Dumas put together this tribute video for the Kent Snyder Memorial Service using photos from friends, family and B-roll footage from the campaign trail.

Martin Avila was particularly moved by Kent's explanation of what liberty means which is at the end of the video.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Missy Caskey's Memorial Speech

This is where my brother should be here today speaking before you all. Every word that he would say would be chosen and delivered with such sincere precision.

I do know without a doubt that the first words he would breathe before saying anything else would be “thank you.” So I tell you on behalf of my brother Kent, my family, and myself, “thank you.”

Kent had not lived in Kansas City in twenty years therefore so many of you traveled great distances to be here with us today and we are so very grateful that you have made the journey, “thank you.”

Kent was always available to help me, give me advice, send me an article or quote for motivation, but sometimes that help would be a “no” because he knew that the greater gift would be for me to look back and say “I did that.” His influence shaped me to be a better sister, daughter, professional, and most of all a better mother. Kent’s love and influence flows through me to my children, and from my children to their children, and will continue to flow for generations to come.

I know from reading and hearing so many stories these past few weeks that there are many people here today that were also affected by Kent’s love and because of that effect, Kent’s love for us – we are all better people. There is no way to measure how his presence in this world improved our lives, the lives we touch, and so on. I would like say “thank you” to my brother – “thank you” for your life, your love, and your sacrifice for us.

I’ve heard many times from my mother that when I was born and brought home from the hospital Kent was so proud and overjoyed that he taped a bow on my head, held me in his arms, and carried me around the neighborhood showing off his new baby sister to all of the neighbors. Kent has always loved me and my family with that same joy and affection as when I was first brought home from the hospital as a precious gift.

So now with this video tribute we’re going to show you, it is my turn to present and share my brother Kent Snyder with all the love, pride, and joy that he expressed to me and others.

Let me conclude with a line from a song Kent love to sing with me, “I will love you forever, forever and ever, Amen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kent Snyder's Memorial Service

Yesterday, I attended Kent Snyder's Memorial Service -- it was good to be with so many people that felt touched by Kent and his kindness and wisdom.

Best friend, Joe Becker, shared a story about how Kent really helped him with moving to Las Vegas for grad school. We also learned from Kent's sensei, Matt, what a warrior he was on the mat, suffering a broken collarbone but refusing to give up his goal of getting a black belt, and Missy, his sister told the sweetest stories about her brother. He was so proud of her when she was a baby, that he put a ribbon on her head and showed her off around the neighborhood. :)

Bill Dumas put together a tear-jerking video with photos and rare B-roll (sp?) footage of Kent speaking to the camera candidly about why liberty is so important during a campaign trip.

Martin Avila also attended and his coverage is on United Liberty.

Afterwards, we headed to a reception put together by Kent's family and shared our memories of Kent with each other. Crying and laughter was definitely heard throughout the evening.

Kent, you continue to effect others in the afterlife. We all felt so much luckier to have known you. And I know that I feel like I'm a better person because of you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kent Snyder

Kent Snyder is a man who stands above others but doesn't look down at others.

Kent was a friend that most people would cherish to call a friend. There are no adjectives that would truly describe how Kent lived his life, how he treated others, how he loved his family and how he saw only good in others. He really had many Christ like qualities that we know Jesus had while on earth, but most of us fall short of possessing.

I had the privilege of calling Kent my friend since Jr. High, through High School, though College and as a roommate after college as we were making our mark on the world. He had a contagiously enthusiastic personality that you knew would leave a lasting legacy on this world. I am not surprised at what he accomplished knowing Kent for many years and by the outpouring of affection and admiration he had from his friends.

I am at peace knowing I got to share a dinner conversation with Kent recently in D.C. while catching up with this remarkable person with laughter that seemed as if it were 1981 all over again. I have only seen Kent 2 times in the last 20 years but it is if time stood still and we picked up where we left off.

Kent is a man that what you see is what you get. No agendas, no ulterior motives, just a genuine love and concern for all people and a passion for life and liberty. When I think of Kent, I smile as I think of his personality and how he enjoyed a good bantering of humor with people. His influence on my life is still apparent today. Kent had a love of flying and aviation and decided to learn to fly when we were 20 years old. I would not have completed getting my pilots license if not for Kent's addictive encouragement. I would not keep my shoes polished today if not for Kent's standard of appearance. I would not use the word "scheme" or "scheming" in my vocabulary today without thinking of Kent in an endearing way.

I use the last name "Snyder" when making a restaurant reservation as it is easier to spell and pronounce than mine. My family knows the origin of this habit and asked if it wouldn't be easier if we just changed our last name to Snyder. I would not have enjoyed listening to Isaac Hayes or Teddy Pendergrass or Ray Charles or other artists that Kent introduced me to. I would not say the word cinnamon the way it was designed to be pronounced but only as Kent used to say " Cinnamumnamumnamum"( you had to hear it first hand to know what I mean).

We all have had mentors in our lives that leave impressions on what we become with the greatest of those usually our parents. Kent definitely made some lasting impressions on me as a man, husband and father. Kent was very close to his mother and loved, cherished and revered her at a very high level. They had a mutual respect for each other but above all they did love each other greatly. Kent told me recently how he admired and appreciated his dad and had real concern for his heath as if he were responsible to him for his health. He truly loved his dad. He smiled as wide as the grand canyon when talking to me about his sisters, Missy and Deana. He would have done anything to protect and guide them as they became young adults and grown women. He had a great concern and passion for his brother Rodney and only wanted the best for him despite their differences.

In the book of John, Chapter 15, Verse 13 says:

"Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".

This verse comes to mind when I think of Kent and all the people in his life that I believe he would have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I know you are in Christ's loving arms Kent. We will all miss you until that day we meet again.

Your friend. Tom

Tom Schweder

Friday, July 11, 2008

$26,908.53 donated from 522 contributors

Thank you to the generous donors to Kent Snyder's Medical Fund.

We are doing well. Although we probably won't make it to $400K by next week, your individual contributions are helping out Kent's family. The hospital is seeing the progress that we're making.

Please keep spreading the word to more people. And have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

$24,375.77 donated from 475 contributors thus far

As of July 9, 2008 1:00 PM ET there has been $24,375.77 donated from 475 contributors thus far.

RSVP for Kent Snyder's Memorial Service and Reception on July 17

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kent's Sister Remembers

The following thoughts and loving memories come from Kent's sister, Dena Rees.
First let me say that I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity and endearing comments from everyone! Thank you very much from our entire family!

Kent or "Kent-a-raunt", as Missy and I, his youngest sisters, would affectionately call him was such an incredible teacher, leader, hysterically funny and wonderfully sweet man that I was so privileged to call my big brother.

"Kent-a-raunt" I will miss most your sense of humor and contagious laugh among so many other things. Johnny and Chandler would even comment, "Mom! You laugh sooo hard when you are around Uncle Kent!" You took great pleasure in making us laugh and including us in your practical jokes.

So many comments here reflect your professional side, but there was another side to you that involved your deep devotion to family. You would rush into K.C. and squeeze in as much family time as humanly possible in a weekend or over a holiday break. I recall many holiday gatherings, glancing over and watching you hug and love on your nephews, almost as if you knew your time with them was short.

As my devoted brother you never judged, you always listened, and made time for me or anyone in our family. As I have read from many others, I too consulted you in every major decision in my life. When I didn't, I made mistakes, but you never pointed those out to me. You taught me countless life lessons. You taught me discipline, professionalism, and that simple is better. You taught me to be direct, appreciative, selfless, thoughtful, considerate, and to show respect. All of these things I learned by watching you. Kent, you had this gentle, joyful, determined spirit about you that was divine. I wasn't done learning from you, but will now carry you in my heart and continually ask myself, "What would Kent do?" I miss you desperately. I am at peace in my heart, only because you struggled in the end. You are now at peace, my dear sweet brother.

Dena Rees

United Liberty's Video Tribute to Kent Snyder

Check out United Liberty's video tribute for Kent Snyder.

Original post.

Memories from Neal Moore

When I remember my time with Kent Snyder on the campaign I think of the word respect. And then I think of Dairy Queen, and Shipley Do-Nuts. There was the serious Kent, who was all business, the calm in the storm, as it were; there was the inspiration of the leader who’s car was perpetually parked outside the office, the man who had been there and done it and was now at the wheel, forever ready to guide and to support; and then there is the friend who was quick to laugh who could keep a running joke going throughout what felt like the entire state of Texas, or whichever state we happened to find ourselves traveling through.

I’ve been laughing and crying the entire week, walking around this city of Taipei in a sort of a daze. The world is most certainly a sadder place and the numbness of the loss just will not go away. I feel like I want to do my bit, not to fill the gap, but to step up and try to be a better person. I think of Kent’s smile and it makes me want to be a bit kinder, be a bit more trusting, to go and conquer and do, and in so doing, to strive to earn the respect that this great man entrusted in me.

God Speed, Kent.

Neal Moore

$18,468.01 from 356 contributors as of July 8 midnight

We have raised $18,468.01 from 356 contributors as of July 8 midnight. Keep it up and spread the word to your friends and family. The family really appreciates your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sending Your Thoughts/Memories

If you are sending me a memory or though to post about Kent Snyder at I can't see the email address from which you're sending, so please include email addresses in the body of the email if you want me to reply.

Also, I cannot receive attachments at this address. So please send text or photos only.

Thank you.

Kent and Ron in Forth Worth, Texas

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Donations $14,111.27 from 265 contributors

As of 7/5/2008 9:47 PM ET: donations total $14,111.27 from 265 contributors.

More Photos of Ron and Kent in New Hampshire

Video Stills Courtesy of Bill Dumas

Kent laughing with Ron

Kent Snyder at the Liberty Forum 2007

Ron, Kent and Jared Chicoine

Ron and Kent meeting with Jared Chicoine, New Hampshire State Coordinator

Kent and Ron at the Liberty Forum 2007 in New Hampshire

Memories of Kent

Kent Snyder; A truly good man

For those who don't know; Kent Snyder, chairman of the Ron Paul presidential campaign died on June 26,2008 after a long illness. It was Kent who convinced Dr.Paul to run for president. We've known Kent for about ten years.

I never worked with Kent Snyder and I never talked politics with him (unless you count the great
Tele-Tubbie controversy of '98, which we discussed at length, since my son never went anywhere without his Tele-Tubbie in tow). I hadn't spoken with him (in person) since the Ron Paul presidential campaign began. But like all truly wonderful people, just the little contact I had with him touched me dearly.

I first met him in 1998 when my husband, Stewart, worked for Ron Paul.
Kent came on board to run Dr. Paul's Liberty Committee. He and Stewart quickly became friends, soon Kent was spending many a Friday evening having spaghetti with us in our tiny townhouse.

Working for a congressman, as many people know, is really an occupation best fit for a single person. But at the time of hubby's employ, we had a two year old, a baby on the way and me- a stay at home mom.

Obliviously, this was a difficult financial situation (despite the fact that Dr. Paul personally helped us out on many occasions).

I was nine months pregnant with baby two when our poor little Honda Accord with 200,000 miles on it finally blew. So Kent would show up early for spaghetti and drive us to the grocery store.

A couple of weeks later my friend and midwife flew into town to assist in my baby's homebirth. I thought I had everything I needed for the birth but afterward realized that I'd made a huge error.

As anyone who has had more than one child knows the afterpain of birth get worse with each baby-sometimes rivaling labor. Twenty minutes after the birth, I realized I needed like a gallon of Tylenol, I was in agony.

Within a hour, Kent arrived to greet baby Sedona and to present me with a giant bottle of Tylenol.

Kent joked that he looked over the store shelves tying to figure out the best one to get and thought to himself-Hmm -"Regular or extra strength? Well, huh, for childbirth-probably extra strength."

He was immediately my hero.

Years later my husband graduated from law school and Kent drove up from Virginia to Connecticut to attended the ceremony. He handed Stewart a beautiful congratulations card that was addressed to both of us saying -this is to both of you; because he never could of achieved this without you-words that still choke me up.

Through the years, I don't think we ever made a major life decision without consulting him.

We will miss you, Kent.

-Tasha Rhodes

Stewart's blog
Tasha's blog

Memories of Kent by Adam de Angeli

I look back with tremendous admiration at the life of Kent

Snyder, an American patriot whose words and actions may
have done more for this country than most people will ever
know. Kent passed away last week due to complications in
treatment for pneumonia. He was 49.

I had first met Kent in Iowa, one year ago to this day. The
Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, which in time would draw
hundreds of thousands of new activists into the Republican
Party, had been snubbed by the group Iowans for Tax Relief,
and the campaign, in response, held a rally of its own,
drawing double the number of attendees. The second time I
met him was October 9th, 2007 at the University of
Michigan, where Dr. Paul would speak at a rally that I
organized with the campus chapter of the campaign. A month
later, he was my boss, and we worked together from National
HQ until I returned to Michigan at the end of last March.

As Dr. Paul has said time after time, it was Kent Snyder who
convinced him to run for President in the first place.
Without him, the Ron Paul Revolution may have never even
begun. It's difficult to imagine where the Republican
Party would be if Kent had never urged Ron to run. It was
Dr. Paul's candidacy, so fiercely hated by the jingoistic
liberal media, that got conservatives re-focused on the
issues that matter the most: balancing the budget,
protecting American freedom, the right to life, and most of
all, respect for the U.S. Constitution. As the Paul
campaign brought hundreds of thousands of Americans into
conservative politics and broke fund-raising records, it
became a guiding light for the Republican activists (not to
mention, Congressional colleagues) in need of a winning
message. It was Kent that brought Ron's light to us, and
as chairman of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign
Committee, it was Kent that guided us all.

What really impressed me the most about Kent was his gentle
nature. He never once raised his voice. He never even
frowned! Even during the campaign's peak, when everyone at
the office was running around full-speed, Kent kept his
cool. Even with full awareness of the forces that the Paul
campaign was up against, Kent always seemed at peace with
himself. He was on-task and determined, but he never let
his work get the better of him. When the national office
did something that volunteers in the grassroots didn't
understand, it was Kent they would blame for
"mismanagement." Kent took it in stride; it had no effect
on his admiration for the inventiveness and tenacity of the
grassroots. He put up with everything: pressure from Ron,
pressure from staff, pressure from grassroots, pressure
from opponents. None of it fazed him.

I heard something recently that I could compare it with.
Andrew Schlafly was in Michigan last week, and he spoke
about his mother, conservative luminary Phyllis Schlafly,
confronting audiences at college campuses across the
country that feared and hated her. He described how she
was never the least bit fazed by opposition, because when
she knew the truth, and spoke the truth, she had nothing to
feel guilty about.

I think that must have been the case with Kent as well. I
knew of Dr. Paul since maybe 2003, but I really didn't
become all that familiar with him until last year. I
thought I knew it all, before I met Ron. I understood the
concept of having a humble foreign policy, sure. But it
took Dr. Paul's arguments to change my opinion on border
security, and on the environment, and on many issues. In
those respects, Dr. Paul cured the last vestiges of
liberalism lingering from my upbringing. I only had this
understanding since meeting Dr. Paul last year, but Kent
knew him since 1987. He knew the truth for a long time.

I know a lot of people that consider themselves experts on
"truth." A lot of them are sullen, bitter, cynical, or
arrogant. And most of them have their facts wrong. Kent
was nothing like them. He was calm, he was patient, he was
humble, he was optimistic, and he was determined. He never
misrepresented Dr. Paul, who has his same peacefulness and
good nature. Looking back over footage from Dr. Paul's
1988 race, I wonder if Dr. Paul learned his balance from
Kent, rather than the other way around.

I note with great sadness that Kent will not see the outcome
of the revolution that he was largely responsible for
starting. Things are not as they should be, but sometimes,
there is nothing we can do about it. But for his sake, for
the sake of those who perished in the struggle for freedom
over the years, and for the sake of those who perished
under tyrannical regimes, we owe it to them to continue the

Rest in peace, Kent.

Much love and respect,

Adam de Angeli

Daniel McAdams on Kent Snyder and his Liberty Committee Contributions

Daniel McAdams, Ron Paul's foreign affairs aide, has written a piece on Kent Snyder's contributions to the Freedom Movement prior to the campaign.

The last paragraph is especially poignant:

He always had a smile. But when I disagreed with him or when I had a conflict
with him he would always be there to talk it out. There were never any hard
feelings. Kent had a way of making you feel that he was your best friend in the
world. Maybe he was mine. Of course he was. I miss him so badly I can hardly
stand it. It feels impossible to go on without him.

Most of us here can empathize with that feeling of emptiness, a void in this world without Kent Snyder.

Wall Street Journal Remembrance

The Wall Street Journal just wrote a wonderful piece on Kent's contributions to the Freedom Movement and on his personal character.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mailing Checks

We are working on a way for you to mail checks directly to a bank. In the meantime, if you want to send an email to with your email address in the body of the text, then I can email you the mailing address for Joseph Becker.

Video Tribute to Kent Snyder

Kent and his mom

Kent graduated from Georgetown 5/21/05; this photo was taken that day.

Kent Memories

Last July, Kent asked me to help him take mail to the post office. The first order of Ron Paul Slim Jims arrived, and we had some special orders to fulfill. After finishing our errands, Kent offered me lunch. We discussed blowback, hypocrisy in American politics, and our academic achievements. The next day, he offered me a job.

I made the decision to stay in Virginia, and take Kent up on his offer. I have not told this to many, but when I was hard pressed in finding a place to live, Kent opened his home to me until I did. I was taken by his trust and generosity.

Kent did for me as I'm sure he has done for countless others. He offered guidance, insight, advice, and reality checks when I needed them. There is no doubt in my mind what Kent did with the campaign will benefit American politics in the long term, and for a very long time. Kent, you have opened our eyes.

Brandon Standish

Campaign Photos

Photos from Bill Dumas

Kent Snyder on the Campaign Trail

Kent and Lew Moore
The Entourage

Kent and Ron in New Hampshire (February 2007)

Video Stills Courtesy of Bill Dumas, Kent's good friend and Ron Paul 2008 Video Producer

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kent at Jeff Deist's Wedding and Their Newborn

Here are some photos of Kent at my wedding in 2003 and with our newborn in 2004.

Jeff Deist

$7,417.94 Raised from 112 Contributors

As of July 3, 2008 11:35 PM ET, we have raised $7,417.94 from 112 Contributors. We were having some problems today with the widget displaying the correct amount of donations, it looks like it was a technical issue on the Chip-In side. I hope that it's resolved now.

If not, we'll keep you updated on the numbers. Here's the Chip-In website.

Thanks so much you guys, you're awesome. Keep up the good work and spread the word to 10 more friends.

Kent gave everything to the liberty movement, if we can give some back to his family it would really make a difference.


Kent's Graduation from Georgetown in 2005

Photos from Jeff Deist

Letter from a Supporter

The extent of the loss to the Freedom movement with the passing of
Kent Snyder has been really sinking in during the past few days as I
think back on the past 17 months and read the many tributes written by
so many about Kent. While I did not know Kent personally, I realize,
now that he is no longer with us, how much my own life has been
touched by his untiring service for the cause of liberty. It was Kent
who really persuaded Ron Paul to run for President, and who had the
vision of things that could be accomplished by his candidacy that even
Dr. Paul could never have imagined. Ron Paul has been for many years
the one I admire in politics more than any other individual, for his
statesmanship and unwavering defense of the Constitution. Thus when I
first learned that he was running for President, my decision to
support him was immediate and unconditional. It was not long before I
discovered the internet presence of Dr. Paul's candidacy, and in that
way became acquainted with Kent Snyder. I could sense in Kent a very
steady and reassuring presence, which he was to maintain all the way
through the campaign, and I could also sense a truly compassionate
humanitarian. For some reason I couldn't quite understand, it was
always calming to me to see Kent Snyder at various campaign events,
with his quiet and encouraging presence. Now I think I understand why
he had that effect.

Who could ever have imagined, other than Kent, just how much the Ron
Paul campaign accomplished in setting the stage for the greatest
movement in politics since the founding of our Republic over 200 years
ago? I think back to one of my early memories of the campaign, when
there was a sort of "virtual meeting" of supporters via live video
feed over the internet. I recall the staff was quite small, maybe
only four people or so. There you, Justine, were, along with Kent,
explaining how, somehow, we were going to build a grassroots movement
by making the greatest possible use of the internet. I recall
thinking at the time, these young enthusiastic staffers have such
vision to think really big of things that seem impossible, or possible
only in our dreams, but oh, do I wish them every success. This was, I
think, even before I had discovered the Meetup groups (or maybe I had
just joined). Looking back over the past 17 months, it is really
incredible to consider just what all was accomplished because of such
visionary, optimistic, forward thinking.

All of us who cherish liberty can be thankful that Kent Snyder lived,
that he worked so tirelessly for the cause of liberty, and that he
gave so much of himself and his time for such noble causes. It is sad
that Kent will not be able to observe, from among us, the longer-term
fruits of what he played such an important role in starting. But the
work must go on, and the best way we can honor the memory of Kent
Snyder is to continue the work for the cause of liberty in our various
ways, most especially through the Campaign For Liberty. I want to
take the opportunity here not only to express my gratitude for all
that Kent did, but also to express my sincere thanks to you (Justine)
and all the others who were a part of the campaign staff, for
everything that you gave for this great cause. All of you have my
sincere condolences on this tremendous loss of a great and dear
friend. And may Kent Snyder rest in peace, and be long remembered for
his lasting legacy to the future of liberty in this Republic.

In Memory of Kent

So good--and moving--to see the page on Kent. I met Kent when he joined the Ron Paul for President 1988 staff. I was the Media Director when he came aboard to assist Ron during his travels. I was instantly impressed with his quiet confidence, decorum, and--especially--his respect and friendliness toward others. Since then, he stayed tenaciously in the trenches, working and sacrificing for liberty in a way that inspired me and so many others.

To Kent's family and friends, and to Ron and others who spent so much time working with him, I send my deepest sympathy. He will remain a constant inspiration to me to continue fighting for freedom with a selfless sense of dignity and respect toward others. May he rest in peace.


Kevin Southwicke

Richard Spencer at Taki Mag

Richard Spencer at Taki's Mag has this article today regarding Kent Snyder's role as the "Architect of the Revolution:"

A recent radio interview of Jonathan Bydlak, Ron Paul’s former fundraising director, is an excellent source for understanding the behind-the-scenes operations of the Paul campaign, particularly with regard to the role played by Kent Synder, Paul’s campaign chairman, who passed away suddenly last week.

Ron was, of course, “the candidate from the Internet,” and much of “netroots” support existed prior to the campaign (and remained independent of it). Less well known is Kent Snyder’s work in building an informational architecture that helped integrate this enthusiasm in cyberspace into a viable political movement. Kent’s first hire was an “eCampaign Director” and he got the ball rolling with the Meet-Up groups that morphed into local “get-out-the-vote” chapters—as well as the Ron Paul platoons that have been raising hell at state Republican conventions. It was also Kent who, working with others at the campaign, decided to make all of the fundraising public knowledge—again, an informational structure that inspired supporters to create the famous “money bombs” that raised millions.

In the interview, we also learn that Kent wanted to turn the official website into a full-functioning website, with blogs, tons of updates, breaking news, commentary, and campaign-made videos. If Kent’s plan had been implemented, Paul’s online success would have been even greater.

It’s also worth noting that Kent had nothing to do with the disastrously ambiguous “we’re winding down” announcement in March, which generally confused everyone and made the Ron Paul movement lose its momentum. In early 2008, Synder was ready for the campaign to morph into an organization. And while the latest RP venture, “The Campaign for Liberty,” looks promising, certainly more ground could have been gained if it were begun in February when Paul was still close to his peak of media attention.

There is a serious need for the movement for Constitutionalism, limited government, and an America First foreign policy to move beyond Ron Paul the man. This was Kent’s task, and he will be sorely missed.

Kent Snyder talking about campaign fundraising successes on Tucker Carlson

December 17, 2007

Old HQ Pic

Here is a pic from the old office. Thought it would be nice for the site.
Brandon Standish

From Andrew Ward

A photo from the holiday party at the campaign. Kent received a Magic Eight ball.

Andy Demer's Tribute to Kent

I have donated $150 on behalf of the New Hampshire campaign staff of Ron Paul 2008 PCC. Could you please post a note letting everyone know how much respect we all had for Kent, and what a pleasure it was working with him? I have included a picture, can you post that as well?


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Joe Becker's Memories

I met my best friend of nearly a quarter century exactly as I should have -- he was expounding the virtues of gold, silver, and platinum to prospective investors. The CFTC ultimately took issue with the innovative 'lay-away' plan by which our then-employer hoped to avoid futures regulation, but Kent's long-term friendship made that short term job most worthwhile.

Over the years, I never knew Kent to be short of ingenuity or the diligence necessary to assure its practical implementation. There seemingly was no end to Kent's energy as I watched him bravely succeed at what others had never even envisioned. In the business realm, these qualities served Kent exceptionally well. In the political sphere, his brilliance and integrity were as rare as they were (and continue to be) desperately needed.

While Kent's passion was the advancement of liberty, his compassion for humankind is what made him so effective in those efforts. No one doubted Kent's genuine goodness. He was the son that all parents dream of. His brother and sisters loved him for his character and devotion. Among his work associates, Kent deserved all the loyalty and productivity he engendered. And, based on my own experience, to his friends, Kent was a beacon of trust and reason. He was, quite simply, the finest person I have ever known.

It was Kent's passion for the advancement of liberty, and his entrepreneurial ability, that landed him a job with Ron Paul, a soft-spoken advocate of liberty and a U.S. Congressman. Initially serving as a top aide in Paul's quest for the presidency as the Libertarian Party nominee in 1988, Kent almost single-handedly persuaded the reluctant Texan to seek the presidency as a Republican in the current cycle. It was a campaign given little or no credence or legitimacy at the outset. Yet, under Kent's leadership, it was a campaign that surpassed all expectations and outlasted all the so-called 'front-runners' with the exception of the eventual nominee. Most importantly, though, as Chairman, Kent assembled and oversaw a team of fellow liberty enthusiasts that created an ongoing movement the likes of which has not been seen since Goldwater, or perhaps even Taft.

It is, of course, a real tragedy that Kent will not see the achievements certain to emanate from a freedom movement for which he was so responsible. Such, it seems, is often the case for a true hero and pioneer. Anyone fortunate enough to have known Kent knew him to be exactly that.

From an intensive care unit at a Virginia hospital, Kent fought bravely for his life for more than two months so that he might ultimately resume his career-long fight for liberty. In so doing, he amassed medical bills in excess of $400,000. The presidential campaign for which Kent worked so tirelessly provided no medical benefits to any of its employees, thus putting the entire burden of these expenses squarely on Kent and his family.

I have created this website with the hope and sincere belief that those who gave so generously of their time, effort, and money during the campaign will find it within their hearts to help his family in this time of extreme need.

Joseph Becker, long time friend and acting chair, Ron Paul 2008

PCCA memorial service for Kent Snyder is planned for 3 p.m., July 17th, 2008 at Village Presbyterian Church, 6641 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

For Kent Snyder

As many of you have heard, Kent Snyder, Chairman of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign, passed away on June 26, 2008. Kent was the campaign chairman for the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

Besides being the man who drove the campaign from start to finish, he also was one of the most exceptional human beings that I ever have met. He was a mentor, a friend, a confidante, an inspiration and I'm forever grateful to have known him for over one year, since the start of the campaign in February 2007.

After speaking with Joe Becker, who is in touch with Kent's family, I've started this site to help raise money to pay for Kent Snyder's medical expenses. He didn't have medical insurance due to a pre-existing condition. His family really needs our help to pay off the expenses which total more than $400 K.

I know that most of you already have given a lot of funding towards the presidential campaign, and to Campaign for Liberty. Kent's family really needs our help, and it'd really be appreciated if you can give whatever you can afford.

Kent was the man that made the campaign possible, and inspired everyone that he met.

Give $100, $50, $20, $5, whatever you can and please spread the word to other people that know of Kent or Ron Paul.

I appreciate your generosity and open hearts. I can also post any stories that you want to share about Kent, photos, videos, anything at all. Just email your items to

Justine Lam
Former eCampaign Director, Ron Paul 2008