Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Memories from Neal Moore

When I remember my time with Kent Snyder on the campaign I think of the word respect. And then I think of Dairy Queen, and Shipley Do-Nuts. There was the serious Kent, who was all business, the calm in the storm, as it were; there was the inspiration of the leader who’s car was perpetually parked outside the office, the man who had been there and done it and was now at the wheel, forever ready to guide and to support; and then there is the friend who was quick to laugh who could keep a running joke going throughout what felt like the entire state of Texas, or whichever state we happened to find ourselves traveling through.

I’ve been laughing and crying the entire week, walking around this city of Taipei in a sort of a daze. The world is most certainly a sadder place and the numbness of the loss just will not go away. I feel like I want to do my bit, not to fill the gap, but to step up and try to be a better person. I think of Kent’s smile and it makes me want to be a bit kinder, be a bit more trusting, to go and conquer and do, and in so doing, to strive to earn the respect that this great man entrusted in me.

God Speed, Kent.

Neal Moore

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