Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Kent Wayne Snyder, 1959-2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Letter from a Supporter

The extent of the loss to the Freedom movement with the passing of
Kent Snyder has been really sinking in during the past few days as I
think back on the past 17 months and read the many tributes written by
so many about Kent. While I did not know Kent personally, I realize,
now that he is no longer with us, how much my own life has been
touched by his untiring service for the cause of liberty. It was Kent
who really persuaded Ron Paul to run for President, and who had the
vision of things that could be accomplished by his candidacy that even
Dr. Paul could never have imagined. Ron Paul has been for many years
the one I admire in politics more than any other individual, for his
statesmanship and unwavering defense of the Constitution. Thus when I
first learned that he was running for President, my decision to
support him was immediate and unconditional. It was not long before I
discovered the internet presence of Dr. Paul's candidacy, and in that
way became acquainted with Kent Snyder. I could sense in Kent a very
steady and reassuring presence, which he was to maintain all the way
through the campaign, and I could also sense a truly compassionate
humanitarian. For some reason I couldn't quite understand, it was
always calming to me to see Kent Snyder at various campaign events,
with his quiet and encouraging presence. Now I think I understand why
he had that effect.

Who could ever have imagined, other than Kent, just how much the Ron
Paul campaign accomplished in setting the stage for the greatest
movement in politics since the founding of our Republic over 200 years
ago? I think back to one of my early memories of the campaign, when
there was a sort of "virtual meeting" of supporters via live video
feed over the internet. I recall the staff was quite small, maybe
only four people or so. There you, Justine, were, along with Kent,
explaining how, somehow, we were going to build a grassroots movement
by making the greatest possible use of the internet. I recall
thinking at the time, these young enthusiastic staffers have such
vision to think really big of things that seem impossible, or possible
only in our dreams, but oh, do I wish them every success. This was, I
think, even before I had discovered the Meetup groups (or maybe I had
just joined). Looking back over the past 17 months, it is really
incredible to consider just what all was accomplished because of such
visionary, optimistic, forward thinking.

All of us who cherish liberty can be thankful that Kent Snyder lived,
that he worked so tirelessly for the cause of liberty, and that he
gave so much of himself and his time for such noble causes. It is sad
that Kent will not be able to observe, from among us, the longer-term
fruits of what he played such an important role in starting. But the
work must go on, and the best way we can honor the memory of Kent
Snyder is to continue the work for the cause of liberty in our various
ways, most especially through the Campaign For Liberty. I want to
take the opportunity here not only to express my gratitude for all
that Kent did, but also to express my sincere thanks to you (Justine)
and all the others who were a part of the campaign staff, for
everything that you gave for this great cause. All of you have my
sincere condolences on this tremendous loss of a great and dear
friend. And may Kent Snyder rest in peace, and be long remembered for
his lasting legacy to the future of liberty in this Republic.

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